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coverpic flag Japan - Full Moon 190 - 03/08/12

Tyme and Tujiko
Editions Mego / Nature Bliss (Japan)

Tyme a.k.a Tatsuya Yamada and Tujiko Noriko join forces for a poppy, eclectic effort that really shines. It's not unlike Noriko's previous solo releases in a good way since they're always worth a look.

The dreamy "Akete, akete" opens the album with Noriko intoning her words to a low beat. "Tropic Penguin" is hardly a change of pace, but the slow tune has a lazy calm that's utterly addictive. "From a Spring" sees Tyme and Tujiko in an almost entirely placid calm that they handle so well. The vocals are sweet as they barely make themselves heard across the tune. "World" is a suitable gorgeous closer to this fabulous record. They should team up more often.

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