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Dobbel bunn
Crispin Glover Records /

Øyvind Ryan and his Ryanbanden gang is back, a couple of months after their deliciously wrapped (for Xmas, of course) Xmas single. "Dobbel bunn" is the single pre-taste from their long awaited double album, Ryanbanden. The album's out now (check for review under the next full moon). Øyvind and his band mates - Øyvind Holm (ex-Dipsomaniacs, now Deleted Waveform Gathering) on guitars (as well as backing vocals, plus more), Bent Sæther (of Motorpsycho) on bass (and probably backing vox and more), along with drummer Even Granås and guitarist (slide etc) Alexander Pettersen - have been working for a long time recording and finishing the album, and finally the day has come. Double CD, double LP (both green and regular black). And, yes, it's digital as well.

"Dobbel bunn" is a lazy, laidback, pop-hearted rock song, with vocal harmonies. The 'na-na-na-na' and 'oh-la-la-la' choruses, as well as the hand-claps (?) oozes with a boyish charm, leaning towards the naive and simple. Indeed a catchy, hummable tune, with a somewhat dark, sad lyric. No, not sad, but quite serious. About relations, and what's said and what's not said. Or, rather maybe, the meaning of what's said, or what should have been said - or meant.

Øyvind loves The Beatles, and he loves Big Star, and he loves The Kinks, and he loves a lot of bands and music. And, he knows how to put his heart and soul into his own music. I'm really looking forward to the album, Øyvind.

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