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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 190 - 03/08/12

Lisen Elwin
I mitt akvarium
Le Musik/Rootsy

Lisen Elwin has previously released an album in English and been a backing singer. Her Swedish effort sees her reach into various places for inspiration.

"Ensamhet är priset" (Loneliness is the price) is a duet with Stefan Sundström and it's a moving, sad song about love and loss. "Jag läste din blogg" (I read your blog) is about finding out through a blog that an ex-boyfriend behaved in a deceitful way with his next girlfriend as well. The very contemporary problem nonetheless reaches commonplace and timeless woes and it's a lovely song. "Tillsammans" (Together) is a poem left behind by a girl who died of an overdose. Elwin worked at a home for troubled youths and there she me the girl. It's a beautiful, countrified song with a truly moving melody.

"Min enda gäst" (My only guest) ends the album with a hopeful ode to new love set to a sprightly, poppy tune. It's a wonderful album all told.

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