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bob hund
Låter som miljarder
Bob Hunds F&aoml;rläg/Target

The ever going pop circus of bob hund never stops. Throughout their more than 20 years lifespan, they've reached their 7th (not counting EPs, live or compilations albums) album proper, Låter som miljarder. Are they any good, still? Do they still have the powerful stamina and the youth-ish energy?

Låter som miljarder (Sounds like billions) had a couple of digital single pre-tasters out last year: "Stanna klocka stanna" in September, and Harduingetmankandansatill? (Dontyouhaveanythingyoucandanceto?) in November. The latter didn't exactly move me, with its cheesy dance beat and all. Well, you can't take bob hund all too serious, but... seriously - what was this new thing all about? Anyway, Låter som miljarder's opening track, which is the album's title song, is an instantly catchy pop song and a trademark bob hund charmer. Accompanied by an entertaining video (check it out, youtube or somewhere else), the song follows many a bob hund song pattern: catchy melody lines, guided by nifty guitars, bouncing rhythms, a crisp and fresh synth. Even "Harduingetmankandansatill?" works better as part of an album. The album is quite efficient, 10 tracks clocking in at a little less than 35 minutes. Which is a good thing, if you're asking me. Besides the title track I find the somewhat different "Darrande varulvshänder" (Trembling werewolf-hands), the little more edgy, slightly psychedelic "Osmium & Iridium", the lost/slipping away from/close to 'love song' "Såå nära" (Soo close) being the better tracks. As always, the lyrics are very good, and an important (major) part of their expression.

So, yes, bob hund have delivered yet another quite decent record. Not all shiny and glittery top pop, but a fairly good album. It somewhat follows the footsteps of its predecessor (with some extra dance beat added, mind you), Det överexponerade gömstället, and places itself a few steps down the ladder of the bob hund album catalogue when it comes to ranking.

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