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Bakelite 78
What The Moon Has Done
Self-released/Bakelite 78

Bakelite 78 have been going quite a while and their latest effort is a refined piece of retro music with a modern feel. Singer Robert J Rial has a distinctive style that's all his own.

"Lurid Lounge" recalls the nineties lounge revival but with a new feel to it. Erin Jordan takes over on vocals and she has an alluring tone. "Monogah" is an appealing song with a jazzy feel that's well handled by the gifted band. "Las Vegas bay Lament" is another raucous song that allows Rial a chance to emote giants a lively backdrop.

"Country Cruisin'" closes the album in a neat mood playing a superb somewhat country-like song. Rial's vocals even flirt with a Jim Morrison-like growl. It's more proof of their versatile nature. They sound like they'd be dynamite live, and the album will certainly be a good substitute if you can't get to see them.

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