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The Meyer
Going Places b/w Listen Up
The Meyer

The Meyer launched their debut single a couple of months ago. I didn't attend the release gig, but I had the pleasure of seeing the trio play live some three weeks ago. Very cool stuff. Rhythm and heat.

The Meyer are Magnus Wendelbo on vocals and baritone guitar, Erik Løhre on guitar, and Håvard Tørum on drums, "Going Places" and "Listen Up" show proof of a band that are, uh, willing to go places. I think the band comes from a hardcore background (?) genre-wise. When hearing The Meyer, I come to think of some early 1990s bands I used to listen to, such as Arcwelder and Fugazi. But only some fragmented parts. The Meyer play energetic and intense, yet catchy and melodic rock of the alternative kind (is there another kind worth listening to...?). They're a tight unit, and should definitely record some more songs for release.

Of the two tracks, I like "Listen Up" the better. I don't know why. It's wilder, more enigmatic. Not that the A side isn't wild - it's just a different kind of wild. "Listen Up" is more anarchistic of nature. That said, "Going Places" is a though and cool song as well. The Meyer is a cool outfit. You can't go wrong with a trio; two guitars - baritone and regular, plus drums. Ace.

PS! Funny cover picture: a young singer/guitarist (Magnus Wendelbo, age 4?), dressed up as Miss Norway! Green swimsuit, with white dots. White socks. White shoes. Princess crown.

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