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Mount Eerie
Clear Moon
P.W. Elverum & Sun.

Phil Elverum (or; Elvrum - see bottom) is a true eccentric. Or, maybe not an eccentric, but rather; an artist with a mission, and a visionary for sure. For years he operated under the Microphones moniker. Creating fragile folk-pop music of the glowing, spellbinding kind. He then dived into a more eerie side, as Mount Eerie, exploring black metal and beyond. Now he's back to normal with brittle music from the heart - for the heart.

Well, Lost Wisdom, Mount Eerie's 2008 (mini)album - done with Julie Doiron (formerly of Eric's Trip) and Fred Squire - was the last return to 'normal' Elverum songs. Or, maybe even gliding more into twisted singer/songwriter terrain. Elverum and his projects (including his label P. W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd. -- though most Microphones albums were released by K Records) is based in his small home town (population: just under 20,000 people), Anacortes, WA, some hour away from Seattle. Clear Moon was released a few months ago, and it is a fascinating listen. It's like a soundtrack to some 'back to the old haunted, house' story. And, I'm not sure if it's a return as a living human being, or a dead person -- as a ghost. The whole album, all the songs, are covered with a foggy, eerie atmosphere. The opening "Through The Trees pt. 2" takes us through the dark, mystic woods. "The Place Lives", along with "The Place I Live", is one song with a natural sequel. And a brilliant one it is. Well, in fact, and of course; they're two and they're both brilliant. "House Shape" is a real 'goose bumps piece', being a masterful song. The title track is so spooky it's almost scaring. "Yawning Sky" is the perfect ebb to end a great story (even though it's followed by a short 'epilogue' - one of a few short instrumental pieces, or 'somethings').

Clear Moon is an excellent album by Mount Eerie. Maybe not topping some of his Microphones recordings, if you're asking me, but very high up there. And, in just a few days from now Mount Eerie's second album (Ocean Roar, out September 4th) of the year will be launched! It'll be a record described by Elverum himself as: "...more challenging and weird and darker and heavier" (as said to Pitchfork).

PS! Elverum is formerly known as Elvrum - which in fact is the right spelling, being his birth name. As all Norwegians know: Elverum is a small town in Norway. And, fact is, it's got the same population as Anacortes! Clear Moon has even got another Norwegian link, as the cover picture is a snap-shot out the van window coming down from the mountains towards Bergen!

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