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The Green Pajamas
Death By Misadventure
Green Monkey Records

The Green Pajamas have been going on since 1984, and Death By Misadventure marks their 30th (!) recording (counting albums and EPs) since the start. In fact, this is the fourth Green Pajamas related release in less than a year! Counting the re-release of their classic and legendary debut, Summer of Lust, and their side-project, The Goblin Market. Death By Misadventure proofs a band ageing and ripening as a good wine.

The Green Pajamas' (PJs among friends) current line-up includes founding members Jeff Kelly (on guitar, vocals) and Joe Ross (bass, vocals), long-time stalwart Eric Lichter (keyboard, vocals), Laura Weller (guitar, vocals), and Scott Vanderpool (drums). Released on July 24th, Death By Misadventure presents an epic song cycle, as the album is a two-part tale; THE FALL OF THE QUEEN BEE and CRUEL DREAMS, CRUEL THINGS. Part one is a string of pearls of great songs. From the great opener, "You Can't Look", via the highly melodic "Ring Around The Sun", and "The Universe Is Full of Noise". "Sky Blue Balloon" steers into one of the key tracks, "The Queen's Last Tango", which is a swirling and highly dramatic piece. Another key track is of course, quite obviously, "The Queen Bee Is Dead".

Part two is more of the quality guitar rock refined by the PJs; perfectly dazed and up-tempo at once, or accurately toned down and tranquilizing. "A Piece of a Dream" is a classy, driving song. "Carrie" follows, and it's sounding like a darker 'Byrds moment'. "Supervirgin" lightens up, being a sunflower, power-pop, pop-sike piece. I could've namedropped many a song-title, but instead I'll say: go check out the album yourself.

Death By Misadventure holds 16 songs. Except for two tracks written by Lichter, 'chief-PJ' Kelly has written the other 14. The album clocks in at about 55 minutes. Usually that's too much for my head, but this album almost makes me enjoy every second of its running time. To quote their record label, Green Monkey Records, as they threw a very modest description of the album: "'s very, very good". Like I said, the PJs are getting better and better as years go by.

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