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coverpic flag Spain - Full Moon 197 - 09/30/12

Priscilla Hernandez
The Underliving

Priscilla Hernandez follows her amazing debut Ancient Shadows with an equally marvelous new record. As ever it's a lavishly packaged record filled with fairy tale images, reflecting the sound well.

The music has rich textures and recalls such names as Loreena McKennitt and Kate Bush, though she has a voice of her own. The title track is a dramatic tune with a witchy lead vocal. Hernandez has a unique way of drawing the listener into her beautiful world. "Through the Long Way" is a dreamy tune that fully shows her range as a singer. "Storm" is a suitably rich soundscape, given full life by Hernandez and her musicians. It recalls mid-period Enya at times. "One Last Hope" features the equally wonderful artist Louisa John-Krol on backing vocals, and it's a sweet song about hope that rounds off the album well. Then there are some nice bonus tracks as well. This is a great album.

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