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Half Film
Machines, Hawks and the Perfect Equation
Hidden Shoal Recordings

This is old stuff. San Franciscan slowcore trio Half Film's "Machines, Hawks and the Perfect Equation" is taken from their 2000 album, The Road to the Crater, which was their second album. The reason for this new launch is that Hidden Shoal reissue (as a double CD package) two acclaimed albums by the band; East of Monument (Buzz Records 1998) and the already mentioned The Road... (on the Devil In The Woods label). In fact two-thirds of this San Francisco combo were from Dublin, Ireland: Conor and Eimer Devlin. The same two-thirds are today known as [The] Caseworker.

In 1995 the Devlins headed for San Francisco, USA, because of their love of two bands from that city: Swell and American Music Club. This also explains the slowcore approach. Half Film became a trio when Conor Devlin (guitars, vocals) and Eimer Devlin (bass) met their drummer Jason Lakis. The first thing they had to do was to learn how to play their respective instruments! Creating their sound and developing songs were the next steps. A 1997 demo landed them a deal, and their debut album was out the year after. Their second album, holding "Machines, Hawks and the Perfect Equation" was recorded with Jim Putnam of the Radar Bros, and was (as mentioned) launched in 2000. Hailed by UK's music paper Melody Maker as being: "...Stark like Joy Division and darkly melodic like Neil Young". Well, after The Road... the band went on a six-week European tour with their favourites Swell. The Devlins then took a few months break/stop-over in Spain, and the band decided to disband.

"Machines, Hawks..." is a way cool track. This is music from the land of shadows, where things move slowly and quietly forwards. A bit sad and gloomy sounding, but not totally depressive. But, mind you, Half Film will not kick-start a party. The music of Half Music is also for those of you who liked/likes, say, Bedhead and Codeline.

"Machines, Hawks and the Perfect Equation" is already out - you'll find it for free at Hidden Shoal's site. The CD double bill will be released on October 31st.

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