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Yo La Tengo
Stupid Things EP

I've been a fan of Yo La Tengo (or YLT) for years, and I'm a fan of almost their entire catalogue of songs. With a very few exceptions. Stupid Things EP is the first new music from the New Jerseyans since their 2009 album, Popular Songs, which was their 12th album proper.

This EP holds "Stupid Things", plus a remix-version done by EYE (a.k.a. Yamataka Eye of the Boredoms), and an original instrumental version. "Stupid Things" is a song to be included on their new album, coming out sometime in 2013 (the album will hold a different version of "Stupid Things", as this one is being the original version of the song, with different vocals). It's a classic YLT song. Dear I say a trademark YLT composition. Starting with a most gentle guitar - almost Ry Cooder styled - before YLT's 'drum-and-bass' twosome, Georgia Hubley and James McNew, sneaks the song on a steady track. A minute into the song Ira Kaplan's whispering vocals fills the missing pieces, along with a most comfortable organ sound. Leaving a song with the most gracious moves, with an indeed delicate and highly inviting 'look' and appeal.

According to the YLT site, EYE's remix is "...clashing, chaotic and randomly beautiful...", which is a fitting description. In fact it's quite wild and wonderful, yet also a bit disturbing and annoying. Finally there's the 12-minute long instrumental version of "Stupid Things", holding stylish organs, a repetitive and monotonous rhythm pattern, and last but not least Ira Kaplan's excellently improvisational guitar works. It's a song that goes on and on. An everlasting song, sort of, which is another YLT trademark.

Looking forward to the new album. Yo La Tengo hardly ever fail. And, yes, this is a limited edition 45 RPM 12" in a heavy cardstock silkscreen sleeve. It's limited to 1,500 copies (numbered on the back).

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