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Guido Möbius
Karaoke Kalk

Guido Möbius originally hails from Cologne, but he's now based in Berlin. He runs the label Emphase Records and the publishing company Autopilot Music Publishing, and has now released his fourth album, Spirituals.

The label Karaoke Kalk describes "Spirituals as: "...unites crooked humour and dark premonition, apotheosis and kitsch. With each track Möbius highlights another aspect of spirituality, be it religious or another kind. Indeed, maybe one does come close to a feeling of transcendence through hypnotic rhythms. Maybe one can even achieve purification through noise or just take solace in singing spiritual songs. Möbius plays with the neo-pagan spirituality of Black Metal as well as with egocentric rallying calls of soul music. He evokes the spirits of the end of days and harnesses the touching confidence of an amateur choir. His pleasure in the unexpected is ever present in his music. Just as much as his preference for unusual sounds." yes, that's right. Spirituals is indeed a playful, whimsical ride, with loads of humour on it. Here's rhythms, high-pitch and/or helium vocals, and noise, blended with more serious soul and danceable stuff (known as 'modern dance music'). Spirituals has a light and a dark side, most fitting for the LP format, with a 'hopeful' A-side, and a 'B-side' more dedicated to damnation. In fact, it's a way cool mixture.

Another funny fact: "Six of the nine tracks on Spirituals use the texts from traditional gospels. Without knowing the originals Guido Möbius gave these lyrics new melodies and used them for his own purposes. This poaching on forbidden terrain was a special joy for Möbius the atheist. But in so doing its not about provocation or any shock tactics." Further he states: "Spiritual music can be defined either as humorous, oppressive or double-sided even if it is unintentionally so. But gospels are also good when you want to enter a fully authentic emotional state with no trace of irony. They are sympathetic and when sung in a collective, a source of genuine spirituality." Yes, Spirituals is in fact a spiritual record. Or, rather, spirited.

Spirituals houses a lot of guest appearances, mostly on the vocal side. To name a few tracks that stand out: the bouncing opener "All Around Me", plus the the two beautiful closing tracks; the stunning "Blessed Sleep" (which is closing the LP), and the very fine gospel "Though The Darkness Gathers" (being the final track on the CD version). Entertaining and marvellous stuff.

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