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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 199 - 11/28/12

Sue Denim
And The Unicorn

Sue Denim was part of Robots in Disguise, and this is her solo debut on her own label. It's a mostly acoustic sweet, and whimsical record.

Opener "Bicycle" sees her lovely vocals set to a spine-tingling tune. "Hollow" is a soft and beautifully sung song of love. Denim's vocals are lightly sung and suit the song well. "I'm Not an Island" is another great song, a cool number with some nice violin bits. The song rises to an exciting peak for the chorus. "Walking Into Walls" is a rueful and well-written song with a guarded vocal that rounds off the album before the bonus track.

It's an album full of charm and a kind of English whimsy that's in good hands here.

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