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coverpic flag Russia - Full Moon 199 - 11/28/12

Nastaha Borzilova
Out Of My Hands
Hadley Music Group

Natasha Borzilova has released a stream of fine albums, and this new effort is no exception to that rule. Her gorgeous vocals have some truly impressive songs to sing this time.

"Cynics Hate Hollywood" is a thoughtful song about love. Her voice is at its finest here. "The World Below" tackles depression in a sensitive fashion to a soft tune. Borzilova allows a little light peer in giving it a hopeful slant. "One Second Flat" deals with the death of the singer's father and it's a beautifully realized, aching song.

"Long Night" is a lullaby for children sung to a lovely tune. Borzilova sings some Russian lullabies here and there and it's so sweet. Her husband raps about the sleepless nights that new parents know so well and its works really well. It's a wonderful album.

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