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Les Secrets de Morphée
Les ielles

Here we are now with Les Secrets de Morphée, in a world of dreams and night filled by Les ielles (small savage fairies). This short album (5 tracks, 21 minutes) sounds like Llewella, but it is more quiet... Now merry (Dilune), grave, worrying and finely-shaded (Untha), melancholic (Ethiel), indeed solemn and majectic (Lyn'), and at the end, a mix of unequalled elegance and beauty (Reflets d'Enulid). A must for this extraordinary first solo album, the voice fluctuating between the Lisa Gerrard's solemnity and the Elisabeth Frazer's enchanting singing. But it's an own style. And I wouldn't forget Anastasia, with his violin. Magnificient and grandiose. One last thing: the hardback record sleeve, is designed and drawn by the musicians.

Les ielles is part of a new project of Prikosnovénie, a collection of musical miniatures, in order to promote new and original musics, on a short audio aid (nearly 20 minutes) and with a nice price (30 FF, nearly $5). A fine initiative from this French label, recognizable by a studied musical production and a meticulous design.

Prikosnovénie, BP 50113, 44001 Nantes Cedex 1, France. Tel/fax: (+33)

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