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coverpic flag Greece - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 20 - 06/10/98

Angelique Ionatos & Nena Venetsanou
Sappho de Mytèlene
Auvidis Tempo

Angelique Ionatos composed music for the nature, life, love, old age and death-inspired verses of the great Greek poet. Simple and Ionic in these 650 extant verses create the aura of the psyche of the poet that has come to represent the legendary feminine face of poetry amidst a world full of men and their wars and tragedies. Adapted into modern Greek by Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis, it presents an elegant, almost fragile picture from the past when poetry was not subject to the base bombardment of TV's alluring advertisement and sex scandals ad-infinitum. Apart from being one of the first famous female poets, she was a rebel that sought to propagate her causes via her "wild" lifestyle and verses. This CD captures some of the beautiful and sensitive soul of this female anarchist that managed to enrage her male contemporaries. The masterful voices and elegant music of Angelique Ionatos & Nena Venetsanou make this release an exciting one which, like a bunch of cool grapes, is to be enjoyed in the summer heat under the olive trees by the deep blue Aegean sea while the gentle breeze caresses the spirit. Another acoustic, sensual gem.

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