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Flutter By Butterfly
Wurlitzer Jukebox

New Jersey's Flowchart sure is playful word-smiths. Flutter By Butterfly is a rare and colorful butterfly, flapping above us in the air. With its odd rhythms, guided by children's voices in sampled bits and pieces. Naivety and simplicity for sure, but highly danceable and hummable.

Sean O'Neal is responsible for the joyful flow of music, assisted by Erin Anderson. Imagine a lo-fi, low-budget Jean Michel Jarre with a serious dose of humor. Or a teeny-spirited Laurie Anderson. Or Philip Glass filled with helium (Philip Gas? - editor's note). The melodies Flowchart let out of their nest is so light and airy, so very simple, and extremely charming. Flutter By Butterfly is like an electronic, multicolored butterfly circling and looping in a hot room just as you wake up realizing it's just a sweet dream.

The flip-side, Oshkosh Wonderboy, follows the same pattern as Butterfly. Maybe being a bit more laid-back, if such a word can be used describing Flowchart, but also sounding like some "easy-listening from outer-space". And; they've come in peace. There are sampled kid-voices on this one to, and if you think this can't be working, think over again. It works, but it sure is a balancing act on a very, very thin line. Flowchart has also released an album, nicely entitled Cumulus Mood Twang (on Carrot Top), which must be something to check out. Cumulus is the limit.

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