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coverpic flag Estonia - Full Moon 200 - 12/28/12

Jakob Juhkam
Mortimer Snerd

I shouldn't be surprised when I'm surprised, but I am. To get an email amid all the junk mail that includes a download link to this, this wonderful colourful mess - I am thankful. In a year when I have spent more time skittering among middling releases than I have immersing myself in brilliant releases, I would like to thank Jakob Jukham for sending me this brilliant album to review.

T is so full of wonderful melodic goodness, it's almost an embarrassment of riches. Think Frank Zappa's early '70s masterpieces, like Hot Rats; think post-rock before it became boring and predictable; think melody writ large; think humour; think dazzling musicianship.

OK, OK, it can get a bit wibbly in parts, when there are simply too many notes to fit into my ears, but at least the man has a surfeit of ideas when most musicians have one at most. These eleven songs start in interesting places, then go off in all sorts of even more interesting tangents. It's like sunlight. It's like candy. It's kinda silly. I love it.

Thanks Jakob!

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