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Andrew Poppy
Shiny Floor, Shiny Ceiling
Field Radio Recordings

Andrew Poppy has been around a long time creating soundscapes. This new album sees him create a fascinating sound world, assisted by some intriguing guests.

"12 Thoughts on the Language of Others" is a calm yet tense tune with a spoken word bit that's interestingly obtuse. "If I Could Copy You" is the first single released from the album, and it sees Poppy create a cinematic glide of a song with a mysterious lyric about identity and love. "Dark Spell" features the inimitable Claudia Brucken weaving her magic across a fluid melody. It's a sublime moment.

"Dance With Me" features tango singer Guillermo Rozenthuler giving a uniquely charged, emotional performance to a soft tune. It's a marvelous record.

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