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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 200 - 12/28/12

Burning God Little
Mer medisin b/w Gammel glede

Burning God Little is in fact a one-man-project. Burning God Little is a young man called Martin Hartgen. Hartgen hails originally from Tromsø (like a long list of electronic artists, such as: Geir 'Biosphere' Jensen, Bel Canto, Röyksopp, Bjørn Torske, Mental Overdrive a.k.a. Per Martinsen, Frost, Aedena Cycle, Alanïa, Those Norwegians, Alog, Drum Island) but is now residing in the Norwegian capitol of Oslo.

It's quite refreshing and unusual to hear electronic pop like this sung in a Norwegian dialect. The catchy and energetic A-side "Mer medisin" (More Medicine) opens the X-mas ball, while the flip-side, "Gammel glede" (Old joy), is as energetic and cool. The B-side sounds a bit like a sprinter version of New Order. The overall sound and spirit shows an artist having a lot of fun. However, a full album might be a bit too much. Good entertainment, though.

Burning God Little is launched by Bergen label Nabovarsel (Neighbourwarning), which roster also include: Advanced Language, Machine Birds, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, and Romskip og Planeter. Sounds like a lot of cool stuff.

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