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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 201 - 01/27/13

The Coal Porters
Find The One
Prima Records

The Coal Porters have been around quite a while and this new effort sees them at their best. "Barefoot on the Courthouse Lawn" is a spirited, catchy opener that shows their brand of Americana at its most expressive. "Hush U Babe/Burnham Thorpe" is an urgent song with an intriguing lyric. The lead vocal is suitably expressive. They do a rustic version of Bowie's "Heroes" which works well. They put their own stamp on the much-covered song. Later they run through "Paint it Black" with equal vigor.

"Ask Me Again" sees them play a softly hushed song about love. It's obvious that they still have a knack for this kind of a thing. It's a fine album.

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