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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 201 - 01/27/13

Lars Demian
Svenne tills du dör
Sony Music

Lars Demian has been around a while, making his less than reverent music with gusto. His latest effort was crowdfunded, and he's implied it might be his last.

Let's hope not, because his talent is still in full force and he sings sharp lyric that always hits their target. "Världen utanför" (the world outside) is a burlesque observation of contemporary events set to an uproarious tune. "Drottningens hemlige älskare" (The queen's secret lover) is a satirical song inspired by recent revelations about the Swedish royal family. Trust Demian to find his own twist on things, and penning an amusing song set to a trademark up-tempo tune.

"På bordell" (At the brothel) is a folksy tune with some ribald lyrics about a brothel visit [inspired by the Swedish royal family as well...? - editor's note]. The contrast is striking and all the more interesting as a result. "Ballden om Bin Ladin" (the ballad of Bin Ladin) is of course about the death of Bin Ladin, and Demian has done it as a traditional folk song. It sounds strangely apt, and as always he's at his best doing things like that. Demian is still at his best, so let's hope this won't be his last album.

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