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The Invisible Way
Sub Pop Records

It seems that Low isn't able to put out a bad recording. The Invisible Way is the band's 10th album (excluding the live recordings One More Reason to Forget, Paris '99 - Anthony, Are You Around?, as well as the Christmas mini album) since their 1994 debut, I Could Live in Hope (Vernon Yard Recordings). Ever since then they've been out on a steady quest after hidden pop treasures of the minimal kind.

From their home base in Duluth, Minnesota husband and wife Alan Sparhawk (vocals, guitars) and Mimi Parker (vocals, drums), along with Steve Garrington (bass guitar), continue to pound out fragile indie rock. Their trademark is low-voiced and low-toned music, quite often slow-floating or slow-motion-like as well. In other words: quiet music for now people (if there is such a thing...). On earlier albums they've been working with producers/recording supervisors like Kramer, Steve Fisk and Steve Albini, and Dave Fridmann. This time it's Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) who's pulled and controlled the levers. 11 tracks clock in at 41 minutes, and listening to this record is like being caressed or stroke gently over head and hair. It's hard to pin out favourites, as it's hard to point out some weaker tracks. Yet, it feels like they pull songs from out of their sleeves like some routine, making the record sound a bit...boring. That said, Low create really 'intense' music, even if it's quite soothing as well. If you're asking me they can be 'in your face' like any hard-core band around, while they at the same time has got this velvet touch.

The Invisible Way is another tranquilizer from Low, and I guess they'll continue to release fine albums via their Chairkicker's Music HQ forever.

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