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Voices from Antidimension

Voices from Antidimension is a retrospective (web) release sweeping through some of the extensive discography of VooDooMan, who's said to be an enfant terrible of the Slovakian underground electronic music scene. VooDooMan has released 9 albums on his own Oshipanah Records label. He's been around for more than 20 years, and his music is described as '...early stripped-down Cabaret Voltaire noise experiments updated with a glitch aesthetic'. Coil is another reference thrown, which gives quite a clue about the musical landscapes we're entering.

The Bratislava based label LOM describes VooDooMan as being " experimental auteur of the modern age". VooDooMan also (according to LOM) crafts his own instruments - creations such as a vacuum cleaner controlled by a sound card, designed to create high interference, disrupting and glitching his other hand-made instruments - and he creates his own music software. Here are some of the more wide stretched experimental pieces I've checked out for a while, tracks stretching for 10-14 minutes. In fact the longest piece of the 14 tracks included is "Black supremacy in the anal gas chamber", clocking in at 22 minutes (and 19 seconds). As you might have guessed this isn't music for the faint-hearted. It's pretty extreme, but not in the noisy end if the scale. In addition to "Black supremacy..." you'll find titles like "Crematorium", "Schizophrenia", "Between physical death and next rebirth (ADF triptological triptinities triptogram mix)", and the scary "Something follows you in the night" (the second longest track). "Gentle bell from Tibet" is one of the more melodic tracks, with a... gentle bell throughout the melody. So is "Sailing on the wave of 1/f", with its piano through some electronic waves washing onto an imaginary, digital beach.

Voices from Antidimension is some sort of anti-music. It's night-time ambience, with sounds floating over alien, post-industrial landscapes. Imagine a total horror-version of Wall-e.

Along with the web release, LOM are publishing a DVD, containing VooDooMan's complete 9-album discography, radio pod casts and videos.

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