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Bitchin Bajas
Drag City

"Bitchin Bajas "Bitchitronics" Is a Mesmerizing Head Trip" (Mother Jones magazine)

Get seated, fasten seatbelts, float off. With their Bitchitronics Bitchin Bajas present the secret/concept of their Bitchitronics, which is mainly looping, droning, dizzying tape techniques. Said to "...create and then solve problems". The Chicago based combo is, according to Drag City: " the area of synthetic ephemeral sonic languidity known more instinctively, inclusively (and let's face it, irresponsibly) as drone music". Bitchitronics is mainly simple, ambient synth'n'keyboard dronery, presenting a band (a trio) playing around sounding dead serious, yet lively and joyful in an introvert way. Their music is a collection of slow-slow-motion glimmering, flickering, glittering soundscapes, with dazed and delayed patterns of sound hovering over a misty landscape. Bitchitronics is a mix-board plaything, and a juggling of sounds. The album (their 4th?) only holds four tracks; "Transcendence", "Inclusion", "Sun City", and "Turiya". Which means Bitchin Bajas most def will play Sun City (which Artists United Against Apartheid never did...). Bad joke, my bad.

Bitchitronics (sounding like an offspring of, or a follow-up to Fripps' Frippertronics?) is experimentalism with a capital E. I'm not really sure what to think, only that this record leaves me sort of dizzy. It can't be the speed so it must be the music.

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