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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 208 - 08/21/13

Noblesse Oblige
Affair Of The Heart
Repo Records

Valerie Renay and Sebastian Lee Philipp make up electro duo Noblesse Oblige. Their new album opens with the catchy "Mata Hari" that houses strong beats and Renay's ice queen delivery at its best. "Burn" is a sinister number with a cool feel to it and is designed to get dancefloors spin with its energy.

"Vagabonde" is a sexy French-sung number that shows Renay's vocals from their very best side. It practically begs for a slick thriller to soundtrack. The unlikely cover of the Eagles' "Hotel California" really has no right to work but still does. The duo breathes new sinister life into the worn-out rock classic. It's just another sign of their talent. It's a terrific album.

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