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coverpic flag US - Kentucky / flag Norway - Full Moon 208 - 08/21/13

Bodycocktail starring Skjit-Lars
Three Edged Sword
Pure Pop For Now People

Fresh from the vinyl-presses comes the second collaboration between tape aficionado and underground explorer Zan Hoffman aka Bodycocktail out of Louisville, Kentucky and Norwegian punk drummer Lars Nicolaysen aka Skjit-Lars. Their first collaboration, Shoving Icebergs, was released a couple of years ago, on the same label, the excellent German Pure Pop For Now People, which is often putting out their releases in ultra-limited editions. And you shouldn't wait too long if you want to lay your hands on Three Edged Sword either, it is limited to 100 numbered copies only. This is a highly enjoyable collection of semi-wacky pop-punk DIY-anthems, bursting of creative energy and crafty executions. I imagine hearing some of Andrej Nebb's eccentricity and Zappa's playfulness added to the stew, but this stuff doesn't need namedropping, it boots like a surfing phoenix. The cool black & white packaging is first class in every way, showing both care and love of the vinyl format. Don't miss out - fly over to PPFNP.

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