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Volcano Choir
Byegone + Comrade [single songs]

Volcano Choir's first offering, Unmap, was proof of greatness and beauty. As we're awaiting their second long player, Repave, they've put out two tasters, two single tracks: "Byegone" and "Comrade". Two tasty tasters.

Volcano Choir is a gifted sextet counting Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Matthew Skemp, Daniel Spack, Justin Vernon, and Thomas Wincek. Vernon is of course Bon Iver, the rest of the 'choir' are members (past and present) of Collections of Colonies of Bees. They've tagged their music 'Astro-Folk', but 'shimmering astral pop' could be a fitting description as well. The album's first single, "Byegone", unveils a tender song sneaking in on you. Even though it's a quiet track, drums are rolling, while the song comes in waves. Some smaller, some bigger. The album's second single, "Comrade", is the better of the two, at least to my ears. They may not be that different, but "Comrade" is more in the Bon Iver direction, with Justin Vernon's signature voice on top. It's a butterfly and/or firefly of a song; a sparkling, shining, flourishing, colourful, divine track. It's like a fairy with soft, translucent wings. A true beauty.

Repave will be released on September3rd. Oh, joy, oh boy, it's just a couple of weeks from now.

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