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Joshua WM!
Teenage USA

Joshua Malinsky, former bassist from Poledo has gone solo!

This cassette of pop songs is a far stretch from the intense dark sounds that originated from josh's bass in his former band Poledo. Josh moves on with this cassette, playing quiet soft acoustic songs with sweetness and melody. The lyrics on this album have a little bit of cheese, but it's all done with that great Josh sense of humour. Josh sings stuff like "free like a bird, like a highway, goin' my way" and "sha lalalalalalala" yes I know, shocking isn't it?

This 7 song tape is very very different from Poledo, I think it's really cool that Josh can completely change the style of stuff that he plays, and do it so well. It's really awesome that he's still making great music and in the wake of the demise of a great band. I like the fact that he is doing something new and interesting. It would just be cheap to drag on Poledo after it ended.

There is nothing extraordinary about this cassette, but it is really nice. The songs are fun and happy, the melodies are catchy. The songs are original and pretty, sweet and lovely. Josh shows his obvious bond with his many solo artist collegues. To put it flat out to you, this tape rocks!

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