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coverpic flag Greece - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 21 - 07/09/98

George Dalaras
Imnoi Aggelon Se Rithmous Antropon
(eng: Angelic Hymns in Human Tempo)

Greece with its position at the crossroads between the east and west has been the influence and has, in turn, influenced a number of cultural elements in the oriental and occidental world. This influence is evident in a number of artistic elements. One of these elements where the caravans of time have left their passing traces is music. Greek popular / folk / acoustic music is a conglomeration of styles ranging from the ancient to the Byzantine to the modern in a unique character full of Greek boldness, stark but supple form and oriental lush. Dalaras, one of the most accomplished Greek singers, has mastered the trade winds of his calling and has released a number of stunning records full of artistic jest and erudition. His latest release is a retelling of the Easter Passion. This is NOT a religious record but a human approach and rendition of the Holy Passion under the aural auspices of the Byzantine-oriental tinged Greek music. Conceived and created by composer Stavros Kouyioumtzis and based on the Byzantine Orthodox Liturgy of the Holy Week, this is a moving masterpiece, full of the pain of the Passion and the culminating Glory of the Resurrection that gives meaning to Orthodox Christianity. Recorded live and charged with strong emotional vibes, this release is for those that consider themselves multidimensionally and multiculturally adept. Get your friends who are going to Greece this summer to get you a copy or two.

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