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coverpic flag Iceland - Full Moon 210 - 10/19/13

Emiliana Torrini
Rough Trade

Emiliana Torrini has had a varied career, writing a hit for Kylie Minogue, and singing on the soundtrack for "The two towers" as well as recording her own atmospheric music. Her first new album in quite some time is thankfully just lovely.

The opening title song puts her heavenly vocal against a soft backdrop. "Autumn Sun" is a sweet-natured reverie in a mostly acoustic setting that she pulls off well. It harkens back to the sound of "Fisherman's Woman" nicely. "Elisabet" is a dreamy hush of a song that creates a lush soundscape for her to emote against. The single "Speed of Dark" is a serene glide, all glittering synths and stuttering tempo. The vocal is guarded and precise. "I Want it Dangerous" she breathes at one point.

It's one of Torrini's very finest albums.

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