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The Low Frequency In Stereo
Colette (Subie Subie)
TLFiS / Playground

I was impressed by The Low Frequency In Stereo's last album, Futuro, and I'm keen on checking out their new album, Pop Obskura, their 5th. Could it be like Ludwig van's...?

The album is already out, but here is the single, "Colette (Subie Subie)". I will have to come back to the album later. Anyway, "Colette" is sung by Hanne, or is it Linn? There are two women in the band, both credited on organ, vocals (and more). I'm really not sure, I have not seen TLFiS live so I really cannot tell. The song has a staccato, suggestive drive, up the alley of psych-drone-kraut-post-rock or such. Pitchfork tagged the band as 'Psych-Garage Dronemeisters', while David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine has said: 'The music is a mixture of the long solo elements in the Doors, set to the raptide of Joy Division's "Transmission" with the surf guitar twang of Dick Dale. They are the Coolest Rulers from Scandinavia!'. I'm not so sure after listening to "Colette", but the vocals are way cool. I'll see what the album sounds like before I make up my mind. I will leave all prejudice behind, to meet it with an open mind.

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