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The Wooden Heart
Hidden Shoal

Kramies' "The Wooden Heart" is taken from a forthcoming EP of the same name, which features Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and Todd Tobias (Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices producer) as producers. Everything with Lytle's signature, well.. I have to check it out. Even if he's not in on this title track.

We have checked out the Colorado-based, Dutch-American, dream-pop-singer-songwriter Kramies Windt earlier here at Luna K. His 2011 EP The European did get a thumbs up. "The Wooden Heart" a swaying, head-in-the-sun pop piece. Hidden Shoal use words like 'kaleidoscopic', 'windswept grandeur', 'emotional directness', and further '...widescreen pop vista that takes your breath away.' Well, I saved my breath, but it is a beautiful and magic/mystic song. If speaking in film/photographic terms (from a technical angle) one can mind-screen some colour positive transparency images. Not that this is pop-psyhedelia. It's more like pop music turned inside out. In addition, it is good company and a fine teaser for the EP.

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