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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 211 - 11/17/13

Michaela Melián
Monika Enterprise

Michaela Melian follows previous geographically titled records with a new effort in the same vein. It's still mostly instrumental, calm electronica.

"Delta of Venus" is a blissful, serene glide underpinned with subtle use of melody. "Place Stalingrad" is an almost inert yet suspenseful tune that belongs in a thriller of some highly modern arty type. As before Melian covers a famous song and adds vocals to an otherwise instrumental effort. This time we get Bowie's "Scary Monsters" in a very original and compelling way. Melian's vocals are calm and make me wish she would use them more. "Jardin exotique" closes the album on a good note, Melian delivering another cinematic, yearning piece that unfolds slowly. It's a lovely album.

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