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Acres Wild
Aviate EP

Acres Wild continue their heavy flirtation with sunny, wide-screened guitar pop, wind and grass in the hair, which started with their first single '63. But, mind you, they come up with some more introvert music as well, just check the short instrumental "I'll Be High Above the Oaks" (by Lefsaker, Nilsen, and brother Henning Askjer Lefsaker).

The quartet counts singer (and main songwriter) Magnus Askjer Lefsaker (also acoustic guitars), guitar slinger Simen Følstad Nilsen (also acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboard), bass-player Even Andenæs, and drummer Mads Frøystadvåg Skovdahl (also percussion and vocal harmonies). The opening "'63" is, like I said when checking it the first time, a song in the 'Midlake lane'. It is a catchy, warm and tender song, yet it's distant, cool and hesitant as well. It is an intricate song, like in multi-layered. But first and foremost it's an excellent summer pop tune, with a tension and heavy hints towards the film The Graduate, featuring the seductive Mrs Robinson and the clumsy-shy Benjamin 'Mr Gladstone' Braddock.

"Loopholes", "The Golden Plated Door", and "It Goes On" is good and nice-sounding songs, but they do not reach up to "'63". They are excellently performed (meaning delicately played and sung) and arranged, proving Acres Wild to be a very 'pro' band, without sounding too 'clever'. They for sure have integrity and personality, and most definitley unveil charm and charisma. "Touch Of Ivory" comes out as a nice closing track. Neat.

Acres Wild play pure pop. Tinted with melancholy. Fact. Check them out. Even though I was not blown over, this EP is indeed recommended. What can possibly be better than summer (sunny or breezy) vibes in November.

Additional musicians on this EP are Bendik Baksaas (co-writer of "'63") on keyboards, David Aleksander Sjølie (guitars, keys, vocals), and Petter Tysland (pedal steel). In addition to the aforementioned credits ("'63" and "I'll Be High..."), "Touch of Ivory" was co-written by the Lefsaker brothers.

Oh, yes, one last thing: the label name Minitravolta is brilliant!

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