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Pink Martini
Get Happy
Heinz Records/Naïve

Multi-faceted ensemble Pink Martini sure knows how to throw a party. This time regular chanteuse China Forbes gets joined by new addition Storm Large, Rufus Wainwright, Philippe Katherine and a cast of several more stars. "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" gets sung in Spanish as "Quizás, quizás, quizás" and it's still a catchy tune. "Omide zendegami" is a mournful and seductive tune that the band handles well. "Je ne t'aime pas" features Katherine and China Forbes in a sultry duet, with a slight preference for sixties style string arrangements.

"Üsküdar" is a folk song that Eartha Kitt made famous gets rendered in a truly captivating style. "Kitty Come Home" features Rufus Wainwright and grandchildren of the actual von Trapps, in a song written by Anna McGarrigle. So it's a family affair in the best sense. The closing "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin gets sung by showbiz legend Phyllis Diller in one of her last recordings. It's that kind of genre-pushing record.

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