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Aiming for Enrike

"Simen with his innovative style; a clean and clear guitar sound, effected/affected by a board of pedals, while he toss juggles his guitar escapades most elegantly with nifty loops. Tobias pounds raving rhythms, and shows amazing skills and technique. A minimal drum-kit, sticks all-over it in a wild tempo. Done in a most perfect combination of what is totally wild and perfectly tamed. Sheer brilliance. The two guys seem to be a perfect team, with no need of extra players. They can do any musical somersault or saltos; it seems they can always land on their feet. Well, at least they've got four feet ready for the landing..."

That's what I wrote when checking out Aiming for Enrike's Mao Miro last year. Here is a couple of new songs from the twosome. Drummer Tobias Ørnes and guitar-player Simen Følstad Nilsen (with loads of loops and effects) perform musical and rhythmical gymnastics with their instrumental rock tagged "loops, math rock, noise rock, progressive". This is not music for the faint-hearted or narrow-minded.

The playful and playfully entitled "Gandalf MacGyver" opens this EP, being a 9 minute explosive, staccato monster track. Exploding, imploding, exploding, imploding. Imagine the sound of billions of particles in space, being spread and then gathered. This must be a True wizard, a mastermind magician (hence the title). "Mechajackson" is also quite far-off, far-out song. It spins, it tickles, it shakes, it twists, and it twirls. Aiming for Enrike create off-piste melodies from the past for the future. Their compositions usually seem to go stray, but in the end they recollect, regroup and conduct a controlled landing. The real moonwalk, right? File under: Improg.

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