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Bjerkedalen Lydkraft
Grorudalen Lydverk

Bjerkedalen Lydkraft are Liv Santos Holm, Ellen Dybvik, Per Arne Føyn og Erik Dybvik, and Farvel seems to be their first "official" release, first published as a cassette-only release, but now also available on vinyl. The recordings for Farvel were made in 2009-2010, but have gone through a lengthy process of mixing and mastering before finally being released last year. Musically this is drone/ambient with a nice layer of white noise whooshing and gliding around. Calm rhythms/loops are present, along with vague and melancholy melodies, creating a meditative feeling, some would perhaps even say new-agey. A nice arctic drone soundtrack for travelling through time and space right there in front of your speakers, or perhaps even better, with your headphones on. The vinyl release is limited to 250 copies, you may order a copy through Grorudalen Lydverk.

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