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bEEdEEgEE (or BDG) is the solo project of Brian DeGraw, founding member of New York's experimental electronic unit Gang Gang Dance. DeGraw is an artist and performer in full. In art as well as and in music. He's a musician and producer, and a DJ, as well as he's exploring all fields of performance, sound and visual mediums, dealing with painting, sculpture and drawing. DeGraw works independently, as well as being part of the stable at the well-renowned James Fuentes Gallery, NYC, and he has collaborated with film director/screenwriter/producer Harmony Korine, plus several other artists. Sum/One is debut solo album, and even though he's been recording this album in his own studio in Woodstock, NY, he has not been all by himself. Here are vocal contributions from the likes of fellow Gang Gang Dance (GGD) member, (singer) Lizzi Bougatsos, Lovefoxxx from Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), singer/songwriter Douglas Armour, and from Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor.

Sum/One is a sample- and synth-heavy album holding 'Art music'. Art with a capital A. It was sketched to be a new Gang Gang Dance record, but gradually mutated and turned into a more personal solo project. DeGraw and his GGD is known for their creative energy and intense electronic-psychedelic dance mania. Sum/One is flooded with playful whimsical art-pop, floating sound sculptures, and sound monotony as meditation. Speaking of meditation: the album starts with a voice saying 'So, at least to begin with, I'd recommend...closing our eyes'. Right.

Sum/One turns out to be on the side of what I prefer. Not my cup of Darjeeling. "Empty Vases" (feat. Douglas Armour) is somewhat a 'world music' piece (a bit Peter Gabriel-ish in some turns) based on an electronic beat. Most of the other tracks are just annoying or tiresome, when gliding/passing by. Best track (being the most catchy and calm) is "Flowers" (w. Lovefoxx). I think I prefer the sound of silence for meditative purposes. And, further, I think that I also prefer the bEEgEEs...

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