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She & Him
The Capitol Studios Session
Double Six Records/Domino Recording Co Ltd.

The Capitol Studios Session EP is a special digital-only release holding new versions of four songs from their 2013 album, Volume 3. This EP was launched just before Christmas, for the holiday season. Like with their 'themed' third album, A Very She & Him Christmas?). Actress and singer-songwriter/musician Zooey Deschanel (check out the charming sit-com series New Girl) is She, and acclaimed singer-songwriter-guitarist M. Ward is Him.

Deschanel and Ward first met when working with the feature film The Go-Getter, starring Deschanel with Ward as the main composer (as well holding a minor role, as "J"). Director Martin Hynes introduced the couple, asked them to sing a duet together for the film, and She & Him was born. Ward had heard Deschanel sing previously (in another film, Elf), and to his surprise she wrote songs herself, however, she had focused on her acting career. In fact she sat on dozens of demos [anecdote: she was married to Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, for a while - quite a creative and productive soul himself], leading to the She & Him project, and volumes of albums (Vol. 1-3, so far, plus the Christmas record). With cross-point references and equal likes (such as records produced by George Martin and Phil Spector, the Carter Family, Richard and Linda Thompson, and more) they made a good match and an oddly perfect musical couple.

The Capitol Studios Session captures and presents live versions of a small bouquet of their songs. Zooey & M. with their band (Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Mike Coykendall, Tom Hagerman, Scott McPherson, and Chris Scruggs) brought to tape in a legendary recording studio.

The songs off these ...Session (or She & Him in particular) sound to come from another time, such as "Shadow of Love" and "Snow Queen", well, also "I Could've Been Your Girl" and "Turn to White". It is as if they have stumbled out of a time machine shuttle, visiting us now from 40 years ago. At least. The songs are performed with elegance and grace, very relaxed and truly comfortable. Even though they're not the most interesting and coolest of songs in the world. As long they're stylishly done, with heart and soul they work very well.

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