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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 216 - 04/15/14

Graeme Emmott
Sound And Word
Worldhouse Records

Graeme Emmott has recorded a long line of fine albums now. This new one continues that trend. It was recorded in Canada and tells many intriguing tales.

"Pilgrim" looks back at legendary musicians and has a rootsy feel that's very appealing. "Honky Tonky Goodtime Boys" is a self-explanatory hoedown of a song with a raucous vibe that works very well. Emmott and his band are having fun and you can really hear it. "It's a Way of Life" is another great song, Emmott reflecting on life and how it's lived. The band backs him well.

"Life's passion play" closes the album well, Emmott singing a soft, reflective tune in a good way. It's a fine album.

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