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Curtis Eller's American Circus
How To Make It In Hollywood
American Circus Records

Curtis Eller has made some original music in the past. His and his band's new effort looks to Hollywood for inspiration.

"Old Time Religion" is a glitzy but slightly demented take on the rootsy sound the band has. Eller's delivery is never less than rousing. "Butcherman" is a song where Eller's chosen instrument, the banjo works beautifully. Dana Marks and Shea Broussard's harmony vocals ebb and flow wonderfully. "Three more minutes with Elvis" is an amusing reflection on a faded star remembering better times. It's delivered with enough conviction to make it work. Eller's vocals are as good as ever. "Busby Berkley Funeral" is a moving account on sadder things in a very nice way. Eller has a way with these things. It's a fabulous song on a great album.

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