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Bruno Bavota
The Secret Of The Sea
Psychonavigation Records

Italian Bruno Bavota is a composer and musician from Napoli (Naples) dealing with contemporary, modern, ambient and minimalist classical music of the cinematic kind. His hands and mind provide instrumental romances, mainly for/by piano plus some guitar. Bavota finds his inspiration in "...the allure and mystery of the Mediterranean that washes up against the shores of his home town" ( The result is some delicate compositions, being indeed chilling, disarming, and highly comforting. This is music of love, death and the sea.

The Secret Of The Sea is Bavota's third album, following last year's La casa sulla Luna (The House on the Moon) and Il pozzo d'amor (The Well of Love) (2010). 'Love' and 'the moon' lead us to the ocean shores. The moods and spheres Bavota create are of the medidative kind, of contemplation, longing, sweet melancholy, thoughtfulness and reflectiveness. This is the soundtrack of the mind at ease, of finding the perfect balance of body and peace of the soul. Bavota's compositions, performance, arrangements and instrumentation is simple and sparse, like in, well, 'less is enough'.

Just imagine standing at some beach, staring at the sea. You know there's a secret, or several, but you can't spot it, solve it, or unveil all the right answers. Yet, just standing there staring, slowly breathing, is the perfect cure for all pain. Clearing your mind, your soul, even your body will feel renewed. The Secret Of The Sea is elegant and holds qualities of beauty. To quote Plato: "...[music] gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." Drift off to Bavota's music by the seaside. It will feel like a spiritual recharge. Chill out. Cool off. Calm down. Relax. Totally. Glide or float away with songs like f.i. "Les nuits blanches", "Hidden lights through smoky clouds", "Me and you", "The boy and the whale", "Northern lights", "Chasing Stars", or the title track.

The Secret Of The Sea is 42 minutes of wave treatment, as a combination of music and water.

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