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Fucked Up
Glass Boys

Fucked Up are a bunch of hard-core punksters from Toronto, Canada, and current favorites of Bob Mould. Yes, this is the same spirit, steam, stamina and energy that the good, old Hüsker Dü had back in the day! New day rising, once more!

Fucked Up is a sextet - the members are: Pink Eyes (Damian Abraham, vocals), 10,000 Marbles (Mike Haliechuk, lead guitar), Gulag (Josh Zucker, guitar), Young Governor (Ben Cook, guitar), Mustard Gas (Sandy Miranda, bass) and Mr. Jo (Jonah Falco, drums)! - and they started as a regular punk band over ten years ago. But, theyr're punk with a powerful, melodic pop-angle. Glass Boys is their 4th album, following the acclaimed David Comes to Life (Matador 2011). Their debut album, Hidden World was relaesd in 2006 (on the label Jade Tree Records). They were signed to Matador Records for the follow up, The Chemistry of Common Life (2008), which landed them the Canadian 2009 Polaris Music Prize, to both controversy and acclaim. However, this launched the band to bigger masses, but the band were true to their punk spirit, trying to maintain their origin. Which they seem to do quite alright.

Glass Boys is punky, punchy, catchy and bouncy. Fucked Up are a spirited and energetic bunch, and the album and their songs are vital and powerful and vital. The ten tracks go straight for your throat, and before you can gasp there's a grinning mosh pit right on your belly. "Echo Boomer" pound and blast at you, and so does "Sun Glass", the title track and "The Great Divide". They're quite clearly inspired by USA's punk past, such as the aforementined Hüsker Dü and (old) Dinosaur Jr., but, also 'old school' grunge-heads like Mudhoney and Tad come to mind, plus newer noise-rock bands like U.S. Maple and Les Savy Fav. Wild minds and loose cannons. Glass Boys is high eneergy, good mooods and joyful entertainment. Pure vitamin A.

PS! There's a limited double LP featureing an alternate front and back cover and a second LP of Glass Boys (Slow Version) with a unique mix of the album with the drums at half time!

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