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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 218 - 06/13/14

Broken Twin

Majke Voss Romme a.ka Broken Twin follows an impressive single, Sun Has Gone with a debut album that's certain to make her better known than she already is.

Opener "The Aching" is aptly-named, a slow dreamy tune with a focus on Romme's strong vocals and a melancholy feel that she handles well. "Roam" is a slow-burning treat, Romme delivering her song with precision and warmth to a soft backing. "Soon after this" is a piano-led reverie with Romme at her most expressive, recalling Mazzy Star but with a less sleepy voice at the core. "No Darkness" ends the album on a suitable note, a dreamy sigh of a song with a hopeful message. Romme has made a great debut.

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