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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 218 - 06/13/14

Boring Birth
Jigsaw Records

After a long line of eps, Manchester's indierockers Amida make their full length debut. Their trademark short, sharp songs are still as acute as ever, and their influences continue to be the nineties indie scene seen through a modern lens.

"The Simple State" has a nice melody and a band in complete harmony with each other. "Blue Scarf" is a song that recalls Pavement, jangly and angularly poppy in a very Amida way. "Plastic Ballet" is slower-paced, more intricate and with a jagged feel to it that suits it well. "Her Long Cherished Wish" closes the album on a good note, an almost dreamy pop nugget with a powerful chorus. Amida stay true to their school and that makes this a fine album.

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