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flag Netherlands - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 22 - 08/08/98

A Pair of Dutch Singles

De Straks : Vrij Obverteerd

This is their only 7" made by the political offensive the Straks in 1980. It starts with some church music sung by some catholics. But hey this song Vieze Katholieken (Dirty Catholics) is against catholicism. Next up is Israel, so if you wanna kill someone move yr ass to that country. Up next is Koningin (Queen). This is the original, earlier this year covered by Human Alert. I think this version is the better one. After shitting on the queen, they shit on a dutch politician, Josef Luns. Ik heb nooit gelijk (I'm Always Wrong)" is up next, great lyrics. Eet u smakelijk ( Eat With Relish) ends this 7".

Mihoen : Raast Door
The Wok Records

This ain't fast, it's not faster, but it's fucking fast in your face hardcore. They've got something against asshole Chirac, people who judge on looks. Even some sarcasm in Do try this at home. This ain't bad for your brains. Become famous like a fat singer or longhaired piano player is nothing for Mihoen. Binky boys is under the influence of some DRI. Followed by a bike song. It all ends w/ Zombieboeren zijn gaaf. It's good that there's a lyric sheet included, and even during the song I can't follow it, it's done in larm speed. This 7" has a 30 not good, too bad warranty, I don't even make those 30 days, it's too good. Live it's a lot of noise according to some friends of mine. For more info call Rene: +31 (0)30-2204658 , or Arno: +31 (0)30-2422287.

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