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True North
True North
True North / self-released

True North is a trio made up of Patrick Rydman (from Göteborg, Sweden), Eva Hillered (from Stockholm, Sweden) and Janni Littlepage (from Monterey, California, USA). Their debut EP sees them use their voices together well.

"New Way 'Round" is an effective blending of three very different voices that nonetheless works well in this context. It has an Americana sound that's very well done. "The Death of Mr Jones" has Hillered taking focus, and her seasoned voice is assured. She's made a number of albums in both Swedish and English, and her lived-in approach is good. This is a strong song with a folksy feel to it. "Floats on Water" is a beautiful, up-tempo song with a nice sound. The closing "True North" is a song that shows off their voices to their best effect. It's lovely and Littlepage's pure tone fits it perfectly. It's a great EP.

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