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Dana Buoy
Preacher EP
Middle West

When I checked out Preacher's title track two moonth's ago I was blown back by a sparkling, crisp, chilled and dew-dropped track perfect for the summer season. "Preacher" is so good a pop song that it hurts!

This five song EP is Dana Buoy's artistic return after his 2012 album, Summer Bodies. The title track is a stellar pop song - it's a summerly, breezy, chill out pop tune on this MGMT or Foxygen vibe, well, maybe seen through the same pop-spectacles, or technicolor hearing-aid-amps as said bands wear. Dana Duoy (AKA Dana Janssen) is on a leave from the eminent and talented fairy-tailed art-rockers Akron/Family, it seems, as he's pushing his five-song solo EP this summer. And, what a good idea that is! "Isla Mujeres" and "It's Alright" keeps the warmth and heat of summer keep spreading. And, by all means, this summer a heatwave from no-where has hit our shores. Nobody saw that coming. And, on top of that comes Dana Buoy's Preacher EP surfin' in, like a brilliant soundtrack to good weather. The sound of an endless summer. Like Dana Buoy has become the maestro and conductor for Brian Wilson's pop (modern style) treasury, his very, very secret, hidden, little chamber. "Let's Start a War"... well, you should maybe not say those words in times like these, but... sung like Dana Buoy does it, by him, it feels like... like being sunkissed. It's like the opposite, like war means peace. And, when the bouncy closing track "Everywhere" (which is - hold on! - a cover of Fleetwood Mac's song from their 1987 album Tango In The Night) take off... bounce-bounce-bounce-pop-pop-pop.... you just want it to jump up to head-butt you. A 'Glasgow-kiss', pop-style (if there is such a thing). These songs are the sound of music that comes to live: warm and fuzzy synths and sounds that spread their wings and build a web and weave all and everything together. At first you don't understand what's going on, at all, nothing, but in the end it all makes sense. 100 per cent. Like the label states, on Janssen -- he's truly a spirited preacher-man: "Dana's youth and attitude are still front and center but with a new depth as a result of growing up and moving on."

Feel good. Forever. Amen.

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