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Team Me
Blind As Night
Propeller Recordings

Elverum's finest is back with their second album, three years after their massive, stellar and spectacular debut album, To The Treetops!. Which was hailed to the stars and back. Marius Drogsås Hagen and his players - they're a six-piece pop dynamite piece! - have spent their time wisely. Toured the world. Written new songs. Improved the band. Gotten better. Fact.

When Team Me launched the first taster off Blind As Night earlier this year I was amazed by the awesome pop dynamite of the song, F is for Faker. Its successor didn't have the same impact. The All Time High wasn't of the same caliber, even though it keeps on growing on me. Anyway, the ten tracks on the album attack you right away from the very first second: from the opening "Riding My Bicycle (from Feddersensgate 5A to Møllerveien 31)" (which seems to be an accompanying track, or follow up song/story to "Riding My Bicycle (from Ragnvalsbekken to Sørkedalen)", from their debut album), through the closing title track.

From the opening, refreshing bike-ride, the overly catchy "Kick & Curse" jumps at you. "Man-Eating Machine" is more of a swirling, spinning song (and somewhat Kate Bush-y), before the EXPLOsive "F is for Faker" appears. And, yes, every time I simply have to repeat it at least two-three times before I can go on further. I's simply irresistible, and contagious, and it has to be played LOUD. "F..." will for sure be a hard act to follow, but the superb "Le Sound" is the right song to handle the job. And, I guess, with Drogsås Hagen, Team Me and their songwriting it's not a big problem to follow up excellent songs, because... they have a lot of great songs flowing out. "Did We Lose Something Here" follows, and it's a great track as well. Pop cornucopia, almost.

The more calm and quiet "Steven" is one of the better tracks on Blind As Night. It's a fascinating piece of music, and lyrics, as well, as it's one of the darker tracks from the album, dealing with dark, moody thoughts and suicide. Get well, as the lyrics ends. And, well, yes, even though many of Team Me's songs are merry, joyful, bouncy, jumpy, etc, the lyrics have rougher edges and double bottoms. "The All Time High" continues, and the song grows and grows, yes, I must admit so (for every listen). This is a song that makes you happy, and poppy. When "Blind As Night" (the album's third single - digital only) closes the album, you know this is the final matchball and another serve ace. They came, they saw, and they conquered. 'Veni, vidi, Team Me.' Team Me are indians of a different tribe. But, they always come in peace. The music of Team Me is 'oh, so' loaded with power and positive energy. Widescreen, wind-in-the-hair pop music. A bit related (musically, spiritually) to The Polyphonic Spree. Maybe. Right now, Team Me is a phenomenal pop band. Semi-progressive pop music. Period. And, yes: make sure you get the vinyl edtion! Beautiful, red vinyl. Simply gorgeous.

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